How To Marry A Bachelor

By Caitlyn Blue

She thinks he's a poor bartender. In truth, he's kept his family's wealth a secret from her.

Disillusioned by her dream career, Riley Nolan has decided to settle for being a trophy wife in an affluent Chicago suburb instead. But first she needs to find herself a rich husband. If only she wasn't so attracted to her best friend, Jayce Kelly, a guy who can't give her the comfortable lifestyle she craves.

What Riley doesn't know is that Jayce is keep a big secret from her. Bartending isn't his only source of income. In fact, he comes from money. The exact sort of wealth Riley has her sights set on.

Jayce wants them to be a couple, but refuses to settle for anything less than love. Unfortunately, his identity isn't going to stay a secret much longer. Can he get her to fall for him before she finds out who he truly is? Or will his deception ruin any chance at their happily ever after?

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